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The Roberts – Autism ETC’s September Family of the Month

Every parent dreams of their child meeting all pediatric development milestones. However, sometimes not only does a child not meet these goals, they even regress and lose skills that they once had. For these parents, life is difficult and frightening. This is exactly what happened in to the Roberts Family.

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The Fullers – Autism ETC’s August Family of the Month

Autism ETC’s August Family of the Month is The Fuller Family: Adam (dad), Danielle (mom) and their son, Elijah. Danielle and other family members became concerned about Elijah between his first and second birthdays. Elijah was non-verbal; he would not make eye contact; he would stare at ceiling fans; and

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The Chambers Family – A Family Who Found Hope at AutismETC

AutismETC’s March Family of the Month is the Chambers family: Weston (dad), Kasondra (mom), Logan (age 11), Parker (age 6), and Zachary (age 4). The youngest child, Zachary, started receiving services at AutismETC in July, 2018.  Kasondra explains, “Before Zachary was 1 year of age, he was not reaching the

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Meet the Vieira’s – AutismETC’s Family of the Month

This month, we would like for you to meet an “amazing” family:  the Vieira’s. The Vieira Family includes Anna (mom), John (dad), Jocelynn (older sister) and Noah.   When Noah was 18 months old, Anna started noticing he was not making eye contact with her and the other family members.

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