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The Bingham Family: Our July Family of the Month

     Like many families with a child on the autism spectrum, the Binghams recognized there was something different with their child. The Bingham family includes mom and dad, Jeremy and Shannon Bingham, 5-year old Link, and now 3-month old brother Roake. At 18 months, Link was diagnosed with a

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The Reed Family: Our June Family of the Month

     It is said autism affects the entire family, not just the child that is diagnosed.  This is true with the Reed family. The Reed family includes Russell and Shanell Reed and their two sons, Preston and Peyton. Preston was diagnosed with Autism when he turned four. Preston’s behaviors

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AutismETC talks with News Channel 5+

CHECK OUT AUTISMETC ON NEWS CHANNEL 5+!     Executive Director Rhonda Manous and Nashville Clinical Manager Mallorie Caradine joined the Plus Side of Nashville team on News Channel 5 to share information on Autism Spectrum Disorder, the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, and plans for AutismETC growth as we

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AutismETC’s Newest Additions

* Special Announcement *   AutismETC offers both diagnostic evaluations as well as social skills groups!     Thanks to Michelle McAtee, Ph. D., HSP, we are able to provide the following evaluations:   Diagnostic Evaluation(ADOS-II, GARS-3, Clinical Interview, Feedback, Report) Psychoeducational Evaluation(WISC or WPPSI, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement, Clinical

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